frequently asked questions

Is there a difference between hearing aids bought personally and NHS ones?

There are similarities, but your choice from the NHS will be limited. The range of hearing aids that we can offer will be much wider with the choice of more up to date technology and the most discreet and invisible models available to you.

Why do prices vary so much when the hearing aids look the same?

The outside case will often look the same, but it wil lhave different technology on the inside. This is the determining price factor. Better technology copes with different and more demanding situations. Higher levels of technology are more expensive to produce.

What am I likely to pay for a hearing aid?

This is dependent on your type of hearing loss and the lifestyle the hearing aid will have to deal with on a day to day basis. If you live with a varied lifestyle creating varied situations this will demand the need for more sophisticated technology. We offer a very wide range of hearing aid solutions available at different prices to suit all budgets. During an assessment we will discuss all the options available to you and advise you on the best model for your personal needs.

If I buy privately are the hearing aids expensive?

Private hearing aids are supplied at a widely varying cost. The pricing is dependent on firstly the style and secondly the complexity of the hearing aid you require to suit your personal requirements. Digital hearing aids will improve the quality of your hearing, but more expensive models have more advanced technology making them easier to use and more able to cope with varied demands and the ability to be integrated with other technology in your home.

What is the styling like?

The most common preferred style is the in ear style. This is discreet as it is very small and is usually available in colours that match your skin or hair. Some models are able to adjust automatically or can be used with a remote control, giving the wearer autonomy and flexibility.

If I order a hearing aid how long will it take to come?

Usually you will have your hearing aid within 7 days if they are un-customised. If you are having a custom hearing aid, following your assessment, it should be fitted within two to four weeks.

What do you offer in terms of aftercare?

We offer support that will help you look after your hearing aids and will keep your hearing monitored, assessed and evaluated. We can also offer expert help, advice and demonstartions of new technology to enable you to keep getting the best out of your hearing aids.

Are all sounds amplified by a hearing aid?

Hearing aids are designed to do this selectively so that only the sounds that are difficult to hear are amplified. Digital aids tend to be more accurate making them easier to tailor to your specific needs.

Can you explain the difference between analogue and digital?

Digital hearing aids produce a far better sound quality. They can be precisely programmed to each person's individual needs and can be programmed for different environments. Analogue hearing aids cannot do this.

Do all people wear 2 hearing aids?

Generally yes they do. Hearing loss tends to be in both ears and just like your eyesight where each eye gets treatment for each eye, so is the case with your ears. Maximum earing loss benefit can only be attained with two hearing aids.

Will my hearing go back to normal if I use a hearing aid?

Restoring your natural hearing is not possible. Hearing aids improve your ability to hear quite significantly.

What will it be like when I first wear hearing aids?

All the sounds that you used to tune out, like birds singing and the fridge buzzing will come back again and you will have to learn to tune them out again as you used to. Wearing your hearing aids often will help your brain readjust to this and you will recognise the source of sound too helping you with your settings.

Do I have to wear my hearing aid during the night?

No, this is not necessary and would be unusual to do so.

Will overuse of hearing aids make my hearing worse?

No, hearing aids do not change your hearing mechanism. Once your hearing starts to deteriorate it will continue to do so over time. Your hearing aids are there to enhance your hearing and make sound clearer and sharper.

What is the best hearing aid to buy?

There are many brand names. We sell Widex, Phonak and Starkey, but these manufacturers are by no means the only ones available. The point to note is that the brand of your hearing aid really is not important. What is important is getting the right hearing aid for your personal needs. We would recommend the hearing aid that would suit your needs the best and you would feel comfortable and confident with every day.

Are in ear hearing aids really that small?

Yes, they pretty much are. It depends or varies based on the persons ear size, but the advanced technology available to use now makes them very discreet and almost invisible.

How do I know you are qualified to perform the services you do?

We are authorised by the HPC (Health Professions Council) who provide all professionals with an authorisation card. You may ask to see this card or you can check by contacting them or looking on their website which has a list of registered specialists.

Is there any advantage from buying my hearing aids from a large national company?

Not really no. With Vikki Swift Hearingcare you will receive high levels of care, a friendly face and to us you are a person, not a statistic.

How can I avoid damage to my hearing aids?

All our hearing aids come with a guarantee at no additional cost.